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You saw I Got A Boy. Now what?

Month: January, 2014

So you just saw I Got A Boy

What it is
a hip hop/rap/power ballad mishmash (…it works somehow); stylistically the Bohemian Rhapsody of kpop

(Re)watch the official video – it’s nearing 82 million views

Watch it live and get the full impact of the killer dance and chemistry

Watch Tiffany accept the 2013 Youtube Music Award for it

Watch the other girls shamelessly make fun of her speech

Thought it was fun? Weird? Catchy? Thought Tiffany was cute and lovely? Thought the other girls were huge dorks? Thought they were all hot?

You have no idea.

Five (kpop) videos to watch next:


What it is
Fun, addicting pop; the quintessential kpop song – before Gangnam Style, the most viewed kpop video on Youtube

Watch the official video

Watch it live and appreciate the synchronized lady dancing

Bonus – live at Madison Square Garden


What it is
sounds like the theme for a spy movie; mod 60s vibe

Watch the official video

Watch it live and appreciate the synchronized lady dancing

Bonus – live at Madison Square Garden


What it is
dance-y; the picture says it all

Watch the official video

Watch it live and appreciate the synchronized lady dancing

Bonus – live at Madison Square Garden (ft. Rapper Hwang)

If you liked the dance, check out the early choreography for the demo version


What it is
fun pop

Watch the official video

Watch it live and appreciate the synchronized lady dancing – and pick the number(s) of your favorite and remember it for later

Bonus – live at Madison Square Garden

If you liked the dance, check out the flawless synchronicity in the practice room version

Run Devil Run

What it is
sultry, r&b-ish revenge song

Watch the official video

Watch it live and appreciate the synchronized lady dancing

Bonus – live at Madison Square Garden

They sing in English, too.
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Franki Valli

DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again (by the SNSD subunit TaeTiSeo/TTS)

In 2012 they released an English song and had their American TV debut. The song is (lyrically) not as strong as the dancing is, but it’s catchy, they look hot, and their English has only improved since.
The Boys (remix) – live on Letterman
The Boys + interview – live on Kelly
Bonus – live at Madison Square Garden

Oh, and they can really bust a move.
Womanizer, Britney Spears/Hollaback Girl, No Doubt/etc

Sorry Sorry (kpop cover) (Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun with Amber and Krystal from f(x))

Sorry Sorry/Smooth Criminal, Michael Jackson (Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Seohyun)

Bonus – nine (what else?) kpop wildcards (author’s choice)
happy songs:
Kissing You (remix) – live at Madison Square Garden

Baby Maybe – unofficial video (lyrics by Yuri, Sooyoung, and Seohyun)

Mistake – abridged live (lyrics by Yuri)

Baby Steps – live (SNSD-TTS) 

one of the greatest fancams in existence
Oh! and Gee on a football field – basically the first video I watched *note: don’t ever watch fancams with the volume up

the two most recent releases – from their Japanese album
Galaxy Supernova – fun, catchy, lots of butt shaking

My Oh My – fun, catchy, like 50% in English

how it all started:
Into the New World – debut song

watch it live and see those girls dancing their hearts out


Girls’ Generation

(aka GG, So Nyuh Shi Dae, SNSD, Soshi, Sojo Jidai, SJJD, OT9)


Who they are
Nine girls from South Korea who have been a group since 2007, but have been training together since they were kids.

They sing, they dance, they act. They do commercials – for chicken and TVs. They are fashion modelsspokesmodels, and role models.

They help each other out.

Call each other out.

They make fun of each other; prank each other; exact revenge on each other; annoy each other; criticize each other; comfort each other; compliment each other.

They live like sisters.

Endearing OT9 moments:

Sixth place is outrageous.


Ugly face off – Sunny vs. Sooyoung / Taeyeon vs. Yuri

Kissing game (not subbed but it was Yuri’s idea; Tiffany got completely flustered)

Recent concert shenanigans:

The Girls

0 – Tiffany  /  12 – Sunny  /  9 – Taeyeon  /  24 – Sooyoung  / 21 – Yuri  /  7 – Yoona  /  11 – Seohyun  /  22 – Jessica  /  32 – Hyoyeon

(Told you to hang onto your number…)

9 – Taeyeon (orange); born March 9, 1989
(Kim Taeyeon, aka Tae, Taeng, Taengoo, byuntae, kid leader)

  • makes me think of Anna Kendrick (small, pale, awkward, expressions, teeth)
  • the oldest
  • kind, magnanimous leader
  • is a byuntae/perv
  • dork
  • has a voice like an angel from Korean heaven
  • when she laughs too hard, she cries
  • talks in her sleep; not just mumbling, clear lengthy sentences
  • voices Margot in the Korean dub of the Despicable Me movies
  • loves minions
  • loves dukong (peas in a pod); also resembles them
  • good at pen twirling
  • best talent is her Sharapova imitation

Check out this English cover:
Take A Bow, Rhianna

There You’ll Be, Faith Hill (with Tiffany, Jessica, and Seohyun)

Endearing moment:
Everyone, you’re watching our leader who cannot set up the pins by herself. (ft. Sunny)

Best side project:
Taetiseo – the SNSD subunit with Tiffany and Seohyun


Ginger (he’s a boy and yes those are matching shirts)

Let’s see a baby pic:

Social media:
taeyeon_ss @ instagram

Soshibond highlights:
Taeny (Taeyeon + Tiffany)

Taengsic (Taeyeon + Jessica)

22 – Jessica (aqua); born April 18, 1989
(Jessica Jung, aka Jung Sooyeon, Sica, Ice Princess)

  • born in San Francisco; fluent in English
  • born in the same hospital as Tiffany but met in high school in Korea
  • seems cold and aloof
  • is really a sweet dork
  • sometimes violent

  • loves to sleep; impossible to wake up
  • has a strict no running policy
  • loves air conditioning; hates cucumbers
  • has a younger sister Krystal in f(x)

  • played Elle in the Korean Legally Blonde musical
  • has a signature clap
  • has a signature dance move
  • the Sica Effect – saying something that immediately kills the mood
  • has a habit of curiously sniffing things

  • does this sometimes

Check out this English cover:
Kiss Me, Sixpence None the Richer

Barbie Girl, Aqua

Tik Tok, Kesha – with Krystal of f(x)

Endearing moment:
It’s not that I sleep a lot… (ft. Yuri)

Best side project:
Naengmyun – with Myungsoo / with the girls

here she is with Tiffany’s puppy Prince

Let’s see a baby pic:

Social media:
syjessica @ weibo

Soshibond highlights:
Jeti (Jessica + Tiffany)

Yulsic (Yuri + Jessica)

Yoonsic (Yoona +  Jessica)

12 – Sunny (purple); born May 15, 1989
(Lee Sunny, aka Lee Soonkyu)

  • born in LA; moved as an infant; not fluent in English
  • is the shortest at 5’1
  • fake maknae (often confused for the youngest)
  • catches chickens like a boss
  • looks awesome in hats
  • can rock any length or color hair
  • aegyo (cuteness, charm) queen; hated for it

  • pokes the inside of her left cheek with her tongue when angry
  • makes the most mistakes in choreography (tied with Yuri)

Endearing moment:
Shortness battle (ft. Taeyeon)

Best side project
I Love You – with Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls

appa (dad) to Tiffany’s puppy Prince

Let’s see a baby pic:

Social media
svnnynight @ instagramsunnyday515 @ twitter

Soshibond highlights:
2ny (Sunny + Tiffany)

Sunsica (Sunny + Jessica)

0 – Tiffany (pink); born August 1, 1989
(Tiffany Hwang, aka Hwang Miyoung, Stephanie, Fany, Ppany, Manager Hwang, Rapper Hwang)

  • born in San Francisco; lived in LA; fluent in English
  • born in the same hospital as Jessica but met in high school in Korea
  • obsessed with/monopolizes the color pink
  • not the best dancer but makes up for it with hard work
  • Manager Hwang in action

  • super competitive

  • eye smile queen; no one is safe
  • killer wink

  • interviewed Brad Pitt and Tom Hiddleston in Korea; charmed both.

  • did I mention the eye smile?
  • and that faaace
  • not this face. even this face.

Check out this English cover:
Bleeding Love, Leona Lewis

Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen

Rolling in the Deep, Adele

Endearing moment:
Being mean to a baby.

Best side project:
Twinkle live (in fabulously gay outfits)


Let’s see a baby pic:

Social media
often pops up on the others’ accounts

Soshibond highlights:
Yulti (Yuri + Tiffany)

Hyofany (Hyoyeon + Tiffany)

32 – Hyoyeon (green); born September 22, 1989
(Kim Hyoyeon, aka Kim choding/elementary school kid)

  • dancing queen; best dancer
  • this doesn’t even need a caption
  • was on Dancing with the Stars in Korea; came in second
  • open-minded “middle child”
  • hilarious troublemaker
  • brutally honest when drunk; also cleans and hits people’s foreheads out of frustration

Endearing moment:
Goofing off (ft. Seohyun)

Best side project:
Asian ambassador to Topshop


Let’s see a baby pic:

Social media:
watasiwahyo @ instagram

Soshibond highlights:
Hyosica (Hyoyeon + Jessica)

21 – Yuri (red); born December 5, 1989
(Kwon Yuri, aka Yul, Black Pearl, Kkabyul, Kwon Seobang/husband, Kwon banjang/class president, Yuricorn) *note: never google just “Yuri”

  • makes me think of Emily Fields (Pretty Little Liars)
  • loves Mickey Mouse
  • has three stages of anger
  • talks to herself
  • gets made fun of for talking to herself

  • makes the most mistakes in choreography (tied with Sunny); is shameless about it so it looks like everyone else is wrong instead
  • drives a black BMW z4

  • will sometimes spam instagram with selfies; nobody complains
  • kkab (dorky/hyper)

  • sleeps merong (tongue out)

  • 50% of her natural state is merong
  • sporty
  • awesome swimmer

  • super flexible; does yoga

  • super competitive
  • plays guitar
  • does a killer (body) wave

  • no words for the hotness
  • …or the dorkiness

  • …or the hotness

Check out this English cover
If, Janet Jackson

Get Right, Jennifer Lopez

1, 2 Step, Ciara

Endearing moment:
Dancing like a dork since 2001.

Playing with a baby.

Best side project:
singing on the soundtrack for her movie No Breathing
Twinkle Twinkle (while filming so not “live” live)


Let’s see a baby pic:

Social media:
yulyulk @ instagram

Soshibond highlights:
Yoonyul (Yoona + Yuri)

Soori (Sooyoung + Yuri)
(…theirs is a weird, rough love)

24 – Sooyoung (teal); born February 10, 1990
(Choi Sooyoung, aka Shikskin/food god)

  • the tallest at 5’7
  • hilarious; best at vocal imitations
  • has a flawless haircape
  • biggest eater of the group; never gains weight
  • flawless actress

    (…no, really)
  • super good at English
  • fluent in Japanese; spent time there as a preteen as part of a duo
  • has an older sister Soojin who is a musical theatre actress
  • is a pro at taking ugly pictures; uses unthinkable angles and facial muscles that no one knew existed

Check out this English cover:
Womanizer, Britney Spears (with Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun)

Endearing moment:
I can feel her breathing. (ft. Taeyeon and Sunny)

Our team is impossible. (ft. Jessica and Seohyun)

has three family dogs, Suri, Mori, and Cherry

here she is with Tiffany’s puppy Prince

Let’s see a baby pic:

Social media:
n/a, will post on the official sites

Soshibond highlights:
Soosica (Sooyoung + Jessica)

Soofany (Sooyoung + Tiffany)

7 – Yoona (yellow); born May 30, 1990
(Im Yoona, aka Yoong, Im choding, Deer Yoona, Alligator Yoong)

  • the face of the group; often in the center
  • often picked as the “ideal type”; is not clear why

  • is clear why
  • laughs with her mouth wide open; resembles an alligator
  • does a cute twitchy thing with her right eye
  • has an annoying baby aegyo voice
  • actress of the group

Check out this English cover:
If You Seek Amy, Britney Spears (with Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, and Seohyun)

Endearing moment:
Yoona the prankster (ft. Sunny)

Best side project:
messaging app (with Seohyun)

ramyun, anger, sexiness

n/a – well…

Let’s see a baby pic:

Social media:
n/a, will post on the official sites

Soshibond highlight:

More Yoonyul – No, YOU’RE prettier.

11 – Seohyun (navy); born June 28, 1991
(Seo Joohyun, aka Seobaby, Seobot, Seolady, maknae)

  • makes me think of Spencer Hastings (Pretty Little Liars)
  • maknae (the youngest)
  • will be president of something one day
  • blunt

  • nearly fluent in English
  • influenced by the unnies/older girls
  • blossomed the most –
    exhibit a: went from this awk Seobot

    to this sly Seolady
  • …seriously, so playful

  • talented pianist
  • plays guitar
  • got fake married and was super awk cute
  • voices Edith in the Korean dub of the Despicable Me movies
  • first to wake up; stuck waking everyone else up
  • don’t tell her you have no life goals/five year plan
  • loves finger guns
  • sometimes bullied by the unnies, but likes it

  • often trolled by the unnies; revenge is sweet

Check out this English cover:
Speak Now, Taylor Swift

Jack, Pixie Lott

Endearing moment:
Firm maknae (ft. Tiffany)

Best side project:

We Got Married – with Yongwha


Let’s see a baby pic:

Social media:
sjhsjh0628 @ twitter

Soshibond highlights:
Yoonhyun (Yoona + Seohyun)

HyoHyun (Hyoyeon + Seohyun)

At first it seems like there’s too many girls and it’s hard to keep them straight. Especially when three of them basically look identical.

Each one brings something different and necessary to the table. Each one has her own charms and talents and strengths – but the biggest strength is in numbers. On their own, they’re all cute and endearing and talented, but together as nine, with chemistry that only time and affection can engender, they are more than just a girl group. They’re a movement.

Show to watch:
Intimate Note (without Tiffany) – a bit of a commitment at nearly an hour, but the girls pulled no punches. Lots of shouting, laughter, and embarrassment.

Happy Together (Taeyeon, Sunny, Yuri, Sooyoung, Seohyun) – another hour long. It’s set in a sauna and the hosts wear wigs and they get sprayed with water and it’s weird but funny. The girls share personal talents, sleep habits, and embarrassments; plus Yuri does her kkab dance.

There’s a wealth of other Korean shows with English subs. They’re entertaining and hilarious – even if some stuff is lost in translation. (And even that is hilarious.)

So, you’re a fan. Now what?
Call yourself a SONE – that’s pronounced so-won, the Korean word for wish – and go forth.

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